Simon Abramowitsch (me) was born in Oakland and raised in Berkeley, California. Variously schooled by and at Berkeley High School, UC San Diego, Eugene Lang College at the New School for Social Research, Cal State Los Angeles, D.W. Griffith Middle School, Howard University–The Mecca, and currently UC Davis, where I am working on a PhD in English.

My interests and writings include research on multi-ethnic American literature, California and Bay Area literature and history, and that American thang that the great W.E.B. Du Bois termed “the problem of the color line.” I also write creative non-fiction (which you’ll see here) and fiction. I’m learning how to make handbound books.

I’m also a teacher, and consider that to be an important part of my life and perspective. I also consider the profession to be sacred.

While some folks find it self-centered or beside the point for writers to assert/identify the social position from which they speak, I think that it can be useful–though one will always be judged by the work. If you do your thing, you do your thing, period. Nevertheless, I think it’s important to state here a couple of things: 1) white boy with a white boy complex (meaning that the identity is complex, here in the post-civil rights, post-nationalist, not-post-race period). And 2) that I do what I do because it’s part of who I am and it means something to me–I care about freedom and justice and examining identity for sanity (my own as well as… the world’s?). I work to not to be one of these vultures who talks/writes about race and cultures of color because they are radically “other”, because it soothes a conflicted conscience, and/or will give me a job somewhere as someone who “works on race.” All of this is in me, as confusing as that is.

I live in Berkeley, CA. I am husband and papa.

Hit me at s.abramowitsch@gmail.com

Twittering: @ambitionsaz

2 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you Colleen. My heart goes to you and your family for you loss. I am good friends with Mike Soe, and knew Aj from back when, saw him around time to time over the years tho we weren’t close. I am grateful for the part that he and whole graffiti community in the bay played not only in my life but the culture and life here. he/we/it made human contributions that need to be remembered. #ripsaze and peace to you.

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